CHAPTER ONE: "Dee Moo Woor" by Orchestre Baobab (Senegal)

Orchestre Baobab's stunning "De Moo Wor" plays a central role in The Alchemists of Kush.
The Senegalese ballad serves as an anthem for the novel's protagonist, young Raphael Garang.
CHAPTER ONE: "Patience" by Damian Marley (Jamaica) & Nas (Africamerica)

I discovered "Patience" (so to speak) long after I'd completed the novel's first draft. But the
song's excellent lyrics, its piercing sample from "Sabali" by Mali's Amadou and Mariam, and
the stunning Kemetic imagery from its video (which look as if I'd written them for my
novel) make for an unforgettable connection to
The Alchemists of Kush.
Music of The Alchemists of Kush
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