CHAPTER FOUR: Leon Thomas's "Echoes" from Spirits Known and Unknown (Africamerica)

Another example of the music I call "supreme," which concerns itself with evoking spiritual
contemplation--spiritual in the sense of breath, and in the sense of the interconnectedness of all life.
What Nusrat Khan was years later to qawwali, Leon Thomas was originally to supreme.
CHAPTER SIX: Stanley Clarke's "Strange Weather" from I Wanna Play for You (Africamerica)

"Moon cleared his throat. Twice. Then the hail went drum-rolling again, and lightning-cymbals lit up
cracks in Moon's face like lunar canyons…. Moon's eyes: a mess like ten years of not-sleeping, like
rustjunk stomping a lawn to death, like food shoved to the back of a fridge, rotting and dripping.…
Hail sizzled the roof, rattled the window…. The window shattered…. Moon knelt in the puddle of
rain and ice chips, glass shards and dark droplets in halo round him on the worn linoleum. Wind,
feeling like snow. And Moon, motionless and kneeling."

CHAPTER SIX: Raphael Saadiq "100 Yard Dash" (Africamerica)

"Why'd you name me Raphael?"
Figured it had to be heavy. Probably not the painter. Obviously not the ninja turtle. A
grandfather's name? Some radical?
She smiled. "Your father wantedt to call you Samuel, after Sam Cooke. But I hatedt the name Sam,
so I saidt why nott the new Sam Cooke, Raphael Saadiq?"
"Get outta here! That retro guy? Are you serious? I'm named after him?"
"I don't expect you kidts today to appreciate good music--"
"'Kids today'? My mp3 player's got Sam Cooke on it! And Fela! And King Sunny Ade! And Hugh
Masekela! And Harry Belafonte-you coulda named me after any of them--"
"Well, it doesn'tt matter anyway, since now you're a Raptor, Raptor."
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