NWA's 1991 song "Real Niggaz Don't Die" makes an early appearance in "The Book of
Now" as a powerful, nightmarish., and paradoxical anthem; the song's thematic
confusion (expressed most clearly in MC Ren's ambivalent lyrics) speak directly to
Raphael Garang's experience of life... and death.

The song contains musical and vocal samples from numerous songs, most notably from
Richard Pryor and a live Last Poets performance.
I discovered Raphael Saadiq's song "The Answer" because a Facebook friend let me
know about it while I was teaching at Clarion West in Seattle in the July, 2011.
Raphael Saadiq's music plays a role in the novel, and the song seems to have been
written for my story. And the song itself, from lyrics to vocals to arrangement, is
powerful and moving. The images are my arrangement.
Pharaoh Sanders' music ends up as inspiration for virtually everything I write. He,
along with Alice Coltrane and Leon Thomas, are the inheritors of John Coltrane's
spiritual and intellectual project in jazz music. Many Coltrane fans will curse me for
saying this, but I think all three of Sanders, Coltrane and Thomas made JC's work
more accessible via rich melodies, even while producing even more ecstatic and
profound compositions. I call this style, as a sub-genre name, supreme. This song,

is a midway point between 1960s jazz and supreme, and is warm,
embracing, and unforgettably joyful.

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