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Praise for
The Alchemists of Kush:
"It was only a matter of time before the hip hop culture would invade the literary world. With The Alchemists
of Kush,
Minister Faust is leading the invasion. His novel is possibly the first hip hop epic. Hip hop has a short
attention span on most occasions. The Alchemists of Kush gives it gravitas."

Ishmael Reed
Author of Mumbo Jumbo and Juice!

"Minister Faust's first two books broke new ground in the SF field. His latest, The Alchemists of Kush, not only
breaks new ground; with the story-telling skills of a modern jali, the Minister creates new vistas of history,
mythology, erudition, uplift, tragedy, triumph, and contemporary community activism. Once you start the first
page of this book, you won't be able to put it down until you've finished the last one."

Charles R. Saunders
Author of Imaro and Dossouye

"I started The Alchemists of Kush and kept reading until I finished. Minister Faust has the most electrifying and
true voice I've read in years.
The Alchemists of Kush is brilliant."

Sparkle Hayter
Author of What's A Girl Gotta Do? and Naked Brunch

"I loved the story, the mythology, and the characters. I found myself locked into it for hours at a time and
couldn't put it down. Rich in detail ...A great book."

Kenneth T. Williams
Playwright of Thunderstick and Three Little Birds

"A hell of a story. A hell of a book. A hell of a style. A frenetic novel and voice--very enjoyable. Minister Faust
knows how to write about male relationships, brotherhoods, and getting into the hearts of men, and about boys
turning into men.
The Alchemists of Kush is a triumph, not just for Minister Faust, but for Edmonton and the
community of Kush."

Wayne Arthurson
Author of Final Season and Fall from Grace

"The Alchemists of Kush is both a powerful and vital contribution to Canadian literature that looks at
contemporary Edmonton from an African-Canadian perspective. The characters in Minister Faust's novel reflect
the true diversity of African-Canadians living in Edmonton. Hopefully this is the beginning of more great novels
from people in Edmonton that look like us that tell stories about us."

Arlo Maverick of Politic Live
MC and Producer on Adaptation and Market Share

"This book represents the first modern Pan-Africanist coming-of-age story, bringing together the traditional
components of the Hero's Tale with a rich understanding of Ancient Egypt and contemporary realities for
diasporal youth. The characters jump off of the page as Minister Faust deftly moves back and forth between
Ancient KMT and contemporary Edmonton. As an African American with strong USA biases, I would never have
imagined that one of the best Black male writers of my generation would come from Edmonton. Go figure."

Lester Kenyatta Spence
Author of Stare in the Darkness: The Limits of Hip-hop and Black Politics