Over the years, Minister Faust's many remarkable radio guests have discussed their favourite global
African writers and books. Check the growing archive below to hear about their fascinating choices.

Robert Wisdom, Actor (
The Wire, Storytelling, Prison Break)

AFRICENTRIC RADIO, formerly The Terrordome

In 1991 at CJSR FM-88 Edmonton, Minister Faust began broadcasting an Africentric news,
politics, culture, and current affairs programme called
The Terrordome: Black Radio in
the Hour of Chaos,
named after two Public Enemy songs.

The show featured E-Town, national, and international Africentric perspectives on
peace, war, politics, culture, the arts, and more. Later entitled
The Terrordome: The
Afrika All-World News Service
, in 2011, the series became Africentric Radio.

Over the years, Minister Faust's many guests have included luminaries such as Ali
Abunimah, Nafeez Ahmed, Tariq Ali, Maude Barlow, Steven Barnes, Martin Bernal, Noam
Chomsky, Chuck D., Ward Churchill, Juan Cole, Austin Clark, George Elliot Clarke,
Angela Davis, Ernest Dickerson, Karl Evanzz, Cecil Foster, Tom Fontana, Glen Ford,
Michael Franti, Gil Scott Heron, Nalo Hopkinson, Reginald Hudlin, Janine Jackson, Clark
Johnson, Ice-T, Stephen Lewis, Lorraine Monroe, Onaje Mu'id, Ralph Nader, Archibishop
Pius Ncube, Michael Parenti, Wendell Pierce, Richard Poe, Politic Live, Eden Robinson,
Scott Taylor, and many more.

Minister Faust retired from community broadcasting in 2012 to focus on writing.