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With a combined 20,000 hours of teaching, workshop leadership,
broadcasting, and speaking in front of organisations, conventions,
conferences, TEDx Edmonton, and crowds in the tens of thousands,
Minister Faust creates the ideal mixture of the humourous, wise,
technical, and inspirational.

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Freelance writer; Presenter, Get Publishing/At the Edge of Print

"Minister Faust was everything you could want in a keynote speaker. He was engaging, provocative,
informed, funny, entertaining, and educational. Following his Saturday morning keynote address, the
buzz for the rest of the 2011 At the Edge of Print conference day was about his presentation.

"When Minister Faust takes on the established publishing model versus self-publishing, he asks (and
answers) the questions that gnaw at every writer. And he makes a compelling case for at least
evaluating why writers should consider taking their careers into their own hands, from self-publishing to
creating their own book trailers."

Award-winning author of Hominids

"With his background in education, his wonderfully outgoing and warm personality, and his keen,
insightful mind, Minister Faust is a national treasure, a living embodiment of all the things that make
Canadian literature worth reading: our diversity and multiculturalism, our innovations in style and
voice, and our satiric, fresh perspective."

Award-winning author of Waiting for Columbus

"As festival director, I booked Minister Faust at the Roar Spoken Word Festival 2006, as one of four
featured performers at an event called the ROAR Gala. I have no hesitation in saying that Minister
Faust was the stand-out. His performance, his voice, and his talent were head-and-shoulders above
anything I heard at our gala. In fact, his performance was a highlight of the three-day festival.

"His mellifluous voice and the power of his writing make for a profound combination! When he read, the
entire audience was drawn into his stories--we were captured, enthralled, surprised and thoroughly
entertained. He is a charming, profoundly articulate, and professional performer. I have nothing but the
highest praise for his talent, and his performance. It was a remarkable show that people who were
there are still talking about. I would book him again in a heartbeat."

Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Academic)
University of Alberta

"We thank Minister Faust for hosting the Festival of Teaching Spots at the fifth annual Festival of
Teaching, and especially for his inspiring and challenging comments that crowned the event. The
imagery he used to describe excellent versus poor teaching and their impact on students will not soon
be forgotten.

Comics Festival Curator, Popular Print Cultures Conference
University of Alberta

"After hearing Minister Faust speak at another event and subsequently reading his second novel, I
eagerly sought out his participation in the Popular Print Cultures Comics Festival, knowing that he was
very interested in topic of the day: forming communities around popular culture.

"His presentation was fascinating and complex, but also clear and inviting. Minister Faust comfortably
moves from strategies of political activism to keen analysis of popular entertainment, and does so
without talking down or 'lecturing' at his audience. Listening to him speak, one feels like a welcome
participant in his project, not a blameworthy outsider. His panel was the highlight of the festival, for

MC of the Artists' Gala, Narratives of Citizenship Conference 2007
University of Alberta

"Minister Faust's critical references struck many familiar chords of understanding and harmony within
our out-of-town guests. Clearly, his groove is a demonstration of the bridge that can be built between
artists and academics."

Co-Chair, Edmonton Events Committee
Alberta Association, Canadian Institute of Planners

"It was a pleasure to have Minister Faust speak at our luncheon. His intelligent, original commentary on
urban planning engaged and inspired our members (one was even moved to poetry). He showed us
humour, passion and commitment. He coined phrases and put words to unresolved frustrations.
Minister Faust reminded us of our own importance. He exceeded high expectations and made it an
event to remember. Book him for yours!"

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