Music of The Coyote Kings
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The Coyote Kings - Music Page 1

I was a radio DJ for more than twenty years. Music is a major part of my life, my entree
into cultures around the world, and my fiction. On this page, and on future pages, you'll get
the chance to enjoy some of the music that is featured in my books. And courtesy of the
links, you'll get to buy mp3s and CDs from those artists to support them.
not own any of this music or these images and intend no copyright infringement; I present
these materials for entertainment and promotional purposes only. All materials used belong
to their respective rightful and lawful owners.
CHAPTER ONE: "Fe Fe Naa Efe" by Fela Anikulapo Kuti (Nigeria)

Hamza: "Bad-ass Nigerian horns and Afrobeat drumming funk-James Brown's
Jurassic DNA blasted balls first into the future. That's my song, damnit, and I
pity the fool who forgets it."
CHAPTER ONE: "Irlande" by Vangelis (Greece)

Hamza: "I put on a Vangelis score, Opera Sauvage. It's for quiet times,
melancholy, you know? And with the steam swirling around me and blanking
out Dante's Ristorante, and Vangelis' lonesome strains chiming like death's
bells . . . I'm suddenly on the cliff." (Video and original upload by rmp1994.
Please visit his YouTube channel).