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CHAPTER NINE: "Tour to Africa" by Tarig Abubakar & the Afronubians

Hamza: "I'm wearing my portaspeakers, the slim ones Ye worked up for me to
wear on my belt, playing a dynamite album by a Sudanese brother who played at
the Sidetrack Café last summer. Sparkling Congolese-style guitars, muscly brass
section, bass funkified enough to make a statue boogie, a song called 'Tour to
Africa.' Glad Ye likes the album, too, cuz today it's our soundtrack."

CHAPTER SEVEN: "Le singe bleu" by Vangelis (Greece)

Hamza: "Bedroom. Too tired to go to bed.... I know I shouldn't. But I look at the
bookshelf.... I extend an arm the weight of an iron beam, reach for the box.... Its hide
is rough beneath my fingertips. Its door opens too easily. I look inside. Ahhh . . . . "

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