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CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby" by
Barry White (Africamerica)

Heinz: "Kevlar touches the stereo remote, brings to life inside the darkness his
'Night Mix.' I know what we'll hear . . . haunting echoes of "Moments in Love"
by Art of Noise . . . bass drones and guttural tones from Barry White with 'I'm
Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby.'"

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: "Christina" by Depiano & Orchestre Beguen Band (DRC)

Hamza: "It's a good vibe in here, so I activate my belt-speakers and start
grooving to the tail end of what I was listening to before I took my break and
caught a break: a smooth, slinky, shimmering Congolese love ballad, "Christina,"
all echoing guitars and Cubano hand-caress percussion. Kot-TAM. Suddenly my
head feels like the plates of my skull are pulling away from each other and my
brain's shoving away the bone with some kind of somatic counter-magnetism.
What the hell's going on? I only get this feeling when I . . . when--"

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