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CHAPTER FORTY-THREE: Kabu" by Aster Aweke (Ethiopia)

Hamza: " . . . and we're rolling over and yawning and getting out of bed and
waking up the kids in their sunshining goldandblue sleeproom and feeding them
pieces of mandarin oranges and peeled lychees and ripe dates and chunks of
feta and asiago cheese and flatbread with brown-gold honey all gooey and
ropey and when we wipe their mouths I look up and she mouths to me the
words I love you and there's no sound from her throat but I can hear music like
kora strings chiming from her lips . . . and I'm on a cliff and we're holding each
other and we're afraid but we're together and our skin's cold and wet from fog
and we're holding on to each other, holding each other . . . and she's holding
me in the dirt and sand in the darkness and she's sobbing and I'm limp and she's
sticky darkredpurple and I'm so tired, so cold, and it's so hard to move or
breathe and it's so dark, so quiet all of a sudden, dark and silent . . . ."
CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT: "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer (Africamerica)

Donna Summer was a terrific artist, but Frosty absolutely could not appreciate
her or this outstanding techno-disco song. I'd guess Sherem loved it, though.

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