Music of The Coyote Kings
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The Coyote Kings - Music Page 6

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CHAPTER FIFTY-ONE: "A Criminal Mind" by Gowan (Euo-Canada)

Zenko: "At the deejay booth, I nod to DJ Mike. Two seconds after he makes
eye contact, he's sniffing. Pure conditioned reflex, basically. Call me Pavlov.
'Dude, how bout my favourite Gowan song?' It's the wrong song to close a
night . . . or maybe it isn't, not for this place."

CHAPTER FIFTY-ONE: "Drive" by The Cars (Euroamerica)

Zenko: "We're back at The Inferno. Basically it's always cool swinging back when
the jams are still pumping-usually we get back after everything's shut down, which
is pretty, uh . . . . well, basically it just makes me feel lonely. Frosty and The
Moog and I walk in just when the deejay's finishing up a torch song . . . must be
third-last song of the night. 'Drive,' by The Cars. They're a bit too jungle bunny for
my tastes, but I basically always loved this song.... For some reason I find myself
basically looking at Frosty real close [while I'm listening to the] words."