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CHAPTER FIFTY-ONE: "Im Anfang Sehr Zurückgehalten," Symphony #2 In C Minor,
Resurrection, by Gustav Mahler (Germany)

Dulles Allen: "In the beginning ... there were only two forces in the universe, and one
realm for each. There was the land of fire, Muspellsheim. . . and the land of ice,
Niflheim. In time, the space between them melted into a valley filled with icy waters
and fog. And this space was called Ginnungagap. And there were only two creatures in
this vast place. One was a humanoid so huge that his breaths in and out was all the
winds of the world. The supreme sum, the original source, the ultimate Man. The
cosmic giant . . . Ymir. He had children, faithful giants and dwarves ... and ungrateful
sons-a-bitches called gods led by one little pissant named Odin. The gods ganged up on
their gracious father and they slit his throat and stabbed him on every inch of his body
and then gutted him. They turned his flesh into the soil, they turned his bones into the
rocks and the mountains, they turned his blood into the rivers and the seas, and they
turned his skull into the dome of the sky. But he didn't die."
CHAPTER SIXTY: "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan (Africamerica)

T.E.D.D.Y.: "It's twenty-three minutes on the downside of midnight, and the
Cruise-Master and General-Overseer is here with you on a night he
usually-positively-absolutely has never been before, a Monday, but that's okay, just
this one-time, dig it? Riding and sliding with you, guiding you into a summer-time
glide as you enter the night, with the band called Wu-Tang, reminding you that
coffee goes down better with 'C.R.E.A.M.'--from the man who's always ready to
fly . . . . Tee Ee, Dee-Dee, WHY-Y-Y . . . ."
CHAPTER SIXTY-FIVE: "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" (Africamerica)

Hamza: "And now upon my stereo, the Brother, the screamer, not often known as a
dreamer, but nonetheless the one who once sang 'If I Ruled the World,' the man, James
Brown . . . but now with a dirge, a song so true it's like cold air in my lungs . . . 'You
know that man makes money . . . to buy from other men . . . .' Is that really the line? 'To
buy from other men'? All these years . . . always thought it simply said, "To buy other
men." Should write to Br. Brown, ask him to change it. More cruel. More honest."
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