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CHAPTER SEVENTY-ONE: "Chakrulo" by the Rustavi Choir (Georgia)

Hamza: "Then he pulls-my God-a kot-tam car battery out of the milk crate and
attaches the two poles with wires to a switch box. And then he connects the
switchbox to all the wires coming off of me."
CHAPTER SEVENTY: "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Hamza: "I show him the picture-Sherem, three days ago, in front of the Muttart glass
pyramids, those huge eyes and that sunrise smile, her three huge braids and a dozen
minor ones. He doesn't just look at the picture-it's like he's studying it or something.
Jealous, I hope. She might be nuts, but I'll give her this-she's a hell of a looker."
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