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CHAPTER SEVENTY-NINE: "Muwashshah" by Hamza El-Din (Nubian Egypt)

Hamza: "...out in the pure Badlands. Hell of a place. Like a giant took a dagger and
stabbed it into the earth, dragged it in a long and winding gash, and the scar just
never healed-just became red, ragged, and jagged. Up above the canyon, it's all
green-and-yellow scrub, almost no trees.... And when the cacti give out, then it's
nothing but dust and sand and hoodoos-man-sized mini-buttes like rock-men missing
their arms, or like Lot's wife turned into sandstone instead of salt. If so, that'd
explain what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah's taxpayers. They're all here, in
these hoodoos . . . thousands and thousands and thousands of em, frozen forever."

CHAPTER SEVENTY-FIVE: "Orovela" by the Rustavi Choir (Georgia)

Hamza: "I tried to understand it, get my brain to encompass the full horror of it
. . . the entire human race turned into a concentration camp without walls,
one by one. For an infinity of rape and murder."
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