The Coyote Kings vs. The Myconauts of Plutonium City


Turntablist, media theorist, and Humanities professor at Quest University (I mean, seriously, how awesome a slug-line is that?), Tobias van Veen interviews Minister Faust about the final book in the War & Mir trilogy and his new serialised novel (and Coyotes sequel) The Coyote Kings vs. The Myconauts of Plutonium City.

Shrinking the Heroes

CBC The Current: On Africentric science fiction as a liberationist genre

With filmmaker Danis Goulet and author Drew Hayden Taylor discussing Turtle Island science fiction. 


Letter to My Younger Self

Minister Faust: Letter to My Younger Self

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On Mentorship

CBC Literary Smackdown

Minister Faust vs. Peter Watts (not the one from the Millennium Group) on whether the best SF is optimistic or pessimistic 

Invaders from Planet 3

Robin Shantz from bloginhood interviews Minister Faust on SF, his first loves in the genre including Red Planet and Dune, how his mother shaped his life, Shrinking the Heroes, politics, Breaking Bad, Mystery Men, and Canadian culture and its awkwardness at building mythology.