The Story

The award-winning political satire (originally published as From the Notebooks of Doctor Brain), Shrinking the Heroes is a hilarious, outrageous, gonzo take on the Bush Administration, confirming Minister Faust as one of the finest novelists of his generation.

Shrinking the Heroes contains the book-within-a-book, Unmasked: When Being a Superhero Can't Save You From Yourself!, a self-help book for superheroes recounting the group therapy of six of the worst and most powerful super-employees of the Fantastic Order Of Justice (the F*O*O*J).

 Superbly caricaturing a range of DC and Marvel superhero conventions, while taking expert aim at the idiocy, shallowness, hypocrisy and viciousness of the celebrity industry, the cult of therapy, and the imperial US presidency, Shrinking the Heroes will make you laugh, cry… and yell.



Praise for the Novel 


Carl Brandon Society Kindred Award

Special Citation (Runner-Up)

Philip K. Dick Prize 


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Shrinking the Heroes

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