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The Story

Don’t call fanboys Hamza and Yehat “slackers.” They’re just way too smart for an idiot job market that has beaten them into space-dust. But when old enemies from high school, an ex-CFL leg-breaker turned health-food kingpin, a van full of psychedelic, mind-enslaving drug dealers, and a mysterious Ethiopian woman named Sherem with a centuries-old secret crush them like the walls of a Death Star trash compactor, Hamza and Yehat have only two options: Be awesome. Or die.
Minister Faust's first foray into astonishing adventure, pop culture craziness and Africentric awe, The Coyote Kings is already a cult classic that had readers and critics fluttering with excitement.

Praise for the Novel 


  • The Philip K. Dick Award
  • The Locus Best First Novel Award
  • The Compton-Crook Award


  • January Magazine, fiction
  • Barnes & Noble, SF&F
  •, SF&F
  • SF Site, SF&F, Editor's Choice


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The Music of
The Coyote Kings

I was a radio DJ for more than twenty years. Music is a major part of my life, my entree into cultures around the world, and my fiction. Enjoy some of the music that is featured in my books. And courtesy of the links, you'll get to buy mp3s and CDs from those artists to support them. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of this music or these images and intend no copyright infringement; I present these materials for entertainment and promotional purposes only. All materials used belong to their respective rightful and lawful owners.

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The Coyote Kings

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