Praise for The Coyote Kings

Booklist [starred review]: "Interwoven narratives and fascinating characters with strong voices…make for a fantastic contemporary adventure."

Nalo Hopkinson, author of Midnight Robber: “Off the freakin hook. Funky… with heart, style, humour, and attitude to spare.”

Tananarive Due, author of The Living Blood: “Incredibly imaginative and bulging with pop culture and political references, this is a trip unlike anything you’ve ever read. Endlessly entertaining.”

Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula Award winner: "A stylistic tour de force. The characters are unforgettable, the slang infectious, and the whole thing is just incredibly charming."

Richard Morgan, author of Altered Carbon: “Outstanding, like nothing I’ve ever read in the genre . . . in fact Minister Faust has pretty much invented his own genre. Full of surprises, caring and heartfelt. I’m kind of envious of what he’s done here. Really edgy unpleasantness . . . up there with the best of them.”

Ernest Dickerson, director, Juice, Demon Knight, The Walking Dead, The Wire: “Minister Faust is Samuel Delaney, Harlan Ellison and Ishmael Reed all rolled into one. His writing is biting, insightful and hugely entertaining.”

Sparkle Hayter, author of Naked Brunch: “I read The Coyote Kings and bells chimed throughout the kingdom. I saw something very different, ahead of its time, a rich but grounded fantasy, true in the best sense of the word. A voice like none other. A writer who makes me feel more connected and less alienated. Minister Faust’s prose has rhythm and grace and is also full of ideas and something-something. The package.”

Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey: “Alive with vitality and verve, a jumping jive of energy juice that never stops moving. I loved every moment of it.”

Charles Saunders, author of Imaro: “A few pages in, I was hooked - not only by the quality of the prose, but also by its sheer audacity.... In the Minister’s hands, Edmonton becomes as lively and lethal as New York and Los Angeles put together.... A brilliant first novel..... Minister Faust... is shaping up to become a one-man New Wave in the SF genre.”

The New York Times: “A jumpy, hold-nothing-back style…. Faust anatomizes [the Edmonton setting] with the same loving care Joyce brought to early-20th-century Dublin…. fresh and stylish entertainment.”

Kirkus Reviews and The Hollywood Reporter: “Like Kevin Smith as if he’d grown up in an African immigrant neighbourhood-just as comic- and pop culture-obsessed but with a dose of righteous ethnic minority fury.”

Asimov Magazine: “Defies all expectations.… A very interesting new voice, bringing perspectives well outside the usual assumptions of genre SF to his work. Faust is obviously someone to watch.”

The Austin Chronicle: “As if Faust channelled Mark Twain to write a Neal Stephenson novel.... Explodes off the page as an intelligent, fun-filled pop-culture adventure.”

The Ottawa Citizen | National Post | Canwest News Services: “The most exciting Canadian debut in decades.”

Publishers Weekly: “The dense writing, the ponderings on the nature of reality and a complex plot that all comes together at the end… will remind some readers of Neal Stephenson [and] represents a sharp-edged new voice in the genre.”

Sci-Fi Dimensions: “If Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, William S. Burroughs and H.P. Lovecraft were to collaborate on a novel, the result might be The Coyote Kings. Pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did.”

Lester Spence, author of Stare Into Darkness: “A combination of Nas, Octavia Butler, and Gary Gygax.”