Praise for Shrinking the Heroes
Publishers Weekly [starred review]: “Sharp satire of caped crusaders hides a deeper critique of individual treatment versus social injustice.... [U]ncomfortable parallels to real-world urban tragedies in the novel’s ‘July 16 Attacks.’”
Entertainment Weekly: “Entertaining... saavy.”
Booklist: “An excellent superhero comedy as well as an unsettling satire.”
Strange Horizons: “Hilarious and pointed.... Like all the best satirists (Swift comes to mind).... Cutting commentary... true art.”
SF “A well-paced suspense novel packed with twists and bluffs, together with an intelligent satire on post-9/11 Western society.... Wonderfully written... a multi-layered and satisfying read.” “[Minister Faust’s] insane fecundity and jazzy verbal dexterity, his sheer brio and exuberance... reminds me of Ishmael Reed or Steve Aylett... plenty of moments in this novel where I laughed out loud.”
Reno Gazette-Journal: “A hilarious new voice.... One of the most compelling reads I’ve experienced.... One of the most layered, complicated narratives I’ve come across, and the ending is particularly chilling.”
Robert Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids: “Minister Faust does it again: an outlandish, outrageous tour de force by the most innovative prose stylist in the field, bar none.”
Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey: “Faust’s novel stands equal to such classics [as Watchmen and Dark Knight].”
Charles Saunders, author of Imaro: “Pure satire... laugh-out-loud comedy. Superhero parodies have been done before. So have dysfunctional super-beings, ranging from Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four to the Watchmen. But nobody has done it as well as the Minister. If Richard Pryor had ever written science fiction, he might have come up with something like Shrinking the Heroes. Minister Faust is shaping up to become a one-man New Wave in the SF genre.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Brilliantly complex … dead-on satire of our times.” “A whirlwind of jokes, satire, obscure pop references, devastating cultural analysis and prose poetry that never lets up from beginning to end.... This is political and cultural satire of the highest sort, and Faust is earning a place among the masters of the craft.”
Static “… a hilarious, sure-fire page turner.”
Theocentric: “Hilarious…. Faust’s writing style is absolutely a blast.”
The Pinocchio Theory: “Had me laughing from the first page to the last. But the book is also a mind-boggling, multi-levelled allegory of racism and corporate fascism in America today.... Faust is brilliant.”
Blog T.O. Sunday Book Review: “A major accomplishment that is laugh out loud funny... This is the most revolutionary work of SF since William Gibson’s Neuromancer…. I’m confident in saying that this is the best SF book of the 2007 - maybe the best book of the year.”
Sunqist Blog: “The best book of the year... incredibly important....”
Cheryl Morgan’s Best of 2007: “A modern-day Watchmen.”
The Gateway: “…scathing social commentary and political satire [on] the nature of modern journalism and politics, to drugs, racism and vapid, shallow celebrities.... Excellent.”
Sakura of Doom: “Brilliant.”