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The Story

Taharqa “Harq” Douglass assumes that his best friend Thagó is nothing more than a muckle-mouthed immigrant doctor from Sudan (or is it Somalia? or Yemen?). But when high-tech terrorists blast into Thagó’s office, Harq accidentally discovers his friend is half James Bond and half Bruce Lee, and that he himself possesses a miraculous ability: chronosis—the power to behold the future.
With Thagó as his protector, Harq must use his startling power to rescue a beautiful, brilliant diplomat in order to stop a war that could claim millions of lives… and the only path to survival lies through the doomed Soviet space station, Mir.
Volume I: Ascension
Volume II: The Darkold
Volume III: Revolution (coming in 2019) 

Praise for the Novels 

Zig Zag Claybourne, author of The Brothers Jetstream: "War & Mir: Ascension is the thinking person's 'first person shooter,' an immersive, interactive rocket launch of literature, adventure, humanity and philosophy. It is a master class on pacing, plot and enough unadulterated fun with a pen as to seem illegal."

Steven Vogel: "A fantastic book, hands down my favorite Minister Faust book yet."

Christopher Tkachuk: "It takes the legendary disappointment of The Phantom Menace, with huge ideas but poor execution, dumbing a galaxy-spanning war, ancient prophecies, child slavery, and vast conspiracies into a child's film. Minister Faust takes these ideas down to their core and builds them up into this exciting, action-packed, funny, touching, deep, vastly huge and at the same time incredibly concentrated story about being plucked from your home and all you've known and thrown into a situation so bizarre and terrifying that it stuns you, knocks you flat on your ass.He takes this vast story and humanizes it, brings it focus with brilliantly written characters, characters so strange, terrible-wonderful, funny-crazy, human-interesting. Characters that act like real people (or aliens), characters that grow and evolve and become something different by the end of the first volume, characters so involving that you want to see how they come out through the whole story."

The Music of
War & Mir

I was a radio DJ for more than twenty years. Music is a major part of my life, my entree into cultures around the world, and my fiction. Enjoy some of the music that is featured in my books. And courtesy of the links, you'll get to buy mp3s and CDs from those artists to support them. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of this music or these images and intend no copyright infringement; I present these materials for entertainment and promotional purposes only. All materials used belong to their respective rightful and lawful owners.

Videos for
War & Mir

Watch book trailers for the first two volumes.